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The Strange Gaijin

The Strange Gaijin


OKAY What is this Happy Song and why is every one talking about it?

what is love?

Good afterن

So I have been hearing the same news over and over for a month…
'Signals have been picked from the black box of flight 370'
It just pains to hear it again and again how it doesn’t turn out to be true.
I just can’t imagine the toll this is taking on the people whose families were on board. This is torture.
Hope is good but in this case as Nietzsche wrote, “Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man.”

Apr 7

So yesterday me and mama were reminiscing the good ol days like one does on rainy days…
And I remembered this one particular time when my mother was chasing me and my brother with a rubber slipper. (why? No idea, we must have done something) Usually mamaa would give up if she can’t find us within minutes but that day she was particularly determined, I ran outside and hid behind the house… Then she snuck up behind me and instead of getting mad we both just looked at each other and burst out laughing.
Yeah…. Good old days….

This happened last year.

I got a call today from someone who was beyond devastated to have ended things with her friend (guy).
She claims he had feelings for her that she could not reciprocate but he meant so much to her as a friend. So they had to end whatever there was to prevent further damage to both.
She then went on to saying -“guys and girls can not have a friendship because soon enough one would fall for the other”

Hikmah in everything Allah has ordained us to do. SubhanAllah

Fathers have such big hearts, they earn and earn and spend it all on us.
But us children … We just take it rightfully so (mostly) without acknowledgement like we deserve it… It wouldn’t kill to show appreciation yet all we think about is that ‘one thing mum/dad didn’t get me.’

Ya Allah forgive me


No tears. We’re celebrating 8 Astoundashing Pseasons!


No tears. We’re celebrating 8 Astoundashing Pseasons!

There are times when things are so overwhelming that, after you have had your major panic session…
All there is left to do is just having tawakkul
and that, is the most therapeutic thing

sometimes dunya means so little - I wish that state of mind/heart would last forever..

Some days I really have that feeling of nostalgic-I-am-missing-someone but there’s no someone. Get it?

Missing someone who doesn’t exist. My emotions be messed up yo.

"‏اللهم ألهمني رشدي، وأعذني من شر نفسي‏"

The Prophet (ﷺ) taught my father two statements to recite in his Du’a. These are: “Allahumma al-himni rushdi, wa a’idhni min sharri nafsi

(O Allah! Inspire in me guidance and deliver me from the evils within myself).”


No pain no غ

Mar 4

Our parking lot is like a chilling place for stoner cats (my mother once came down in the middle of the night to check on Suzy and she saw 4 cats rubbing themselves/ rolling /licking the concrete)
yeah… I may have over dosed them on silvervine

Mar 3

Okay so anyone else out there who has like an irrational fear of incoming calls (from someone who is not your mother/father /sibling) – cause I have that… and I don’t know why…
like, I would hear the bell ring … check screen to see whose calling ***has panic attack/hot-cold sweats/ sweaty palms/ palpitations etc all that nasty stuff..***by the time I muster up the courage to slide that thing – the call ends… *relief-> happy dance->life back to normal*
PHONE RINGS AGAIN *repeat cycle*

Feels guilty about not picking up again

Should I call back / should I pretend all this never happened (dilemma)

Finally decides on calling back because guilty conscience takes over

Dials -> *Rings* -> *Rings again* and *again* -> voicemail.
Bittersweet sense of relief?
Hopes caller does not call back. Hopes caller does not feel bad. Hopes caller forgets about it. 

[Okay seriously, what is up with all the **** //// —— (?)]